Locate Policy.


Forage m3 drilling has a company policy on underground utilities and is as simple as this:

  • Public Property = Public Locates
  • Private Property = Public + Private Locates
  • The date on all locates must be valid (within 30days)
  • The dig depth must be greater or equal to what is drilled

If the locates are incomplete, out of date, or not received from licensed personnel, we cannot drill.  If you have any questions, need clarification as to whether your locates are sufficient, or would like us to handle the locate requests for you, please let us know. Jason@foragem3drilling.ca office 613-632-4615.


The reason we comply with the law is to protect our workers, protect your workers, prevent damage to our equipment, and to prevent damage to your clients’ property.  There are large fines associated with improper locates which would go to our operators, our company, as well as your company. Forage M3 Drilling’s locate policy is the law and looks out for the best interest of all involved in the project.

If we are called to a site with improper locates, no drilling will occur, and a 6 hour minimum charge will be applied!   Don’t take a chance! Due the due diligence and everyone gets too go home safe!!! Ontario 1 Call is available for locate requests and inquiries 24 hours, 7 days a week at 1 (800) 400-2255.