Health And Safety.

At Forage m3 drilling services inc we take health and safety very seriously we are proud to operate safe equipment and employ a staff entrenched in a productive culture of safety. Forage M3 Drilling has a lot of experience within our company  and has continually developed better practices and procedures to ensure that everyone gets home safe from there work day  every day. Its our first priority.

Our safety program includes

  • All employees trained in first aid
  • All employees whimis certified
  • All employees via rail certified
  • All employees E-rail safe certified
  • All employees trained in P.o.s.t
  • All employees trained in Asp construction
  • All diamond drillers certified in common core
  • Excellent statistics
  • In house Certified train the trainer
  • Emergency response plans
  • Job specific Emergency response plans
  • Annual training and recertification programs

For any questions regarding - Feel free too contact:


Matthew MacTavish


Geotech / Environmental

Jason Villeneuve

operation for geotechnical & environment